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Photography Portfolio

Look up!: The “Torres” of Madrid

• Professor: Brian Hallett, Founder & Creative Director The Big Fish

• Date of Execution: December 2017 (Term 1)

• Description: The aim of this series is to make the viewers feel involved in the shot, make them feel that they are standing on the ground looking up with awe, immersing themselves in the feeling of massiveness and dominance conveyed by these gigantic buildings.
The camera was positioned in different angles, and all shots were low-angled from the photographer’s perspective. The shooting took place in the morning, taking advantage of the ample natural light, using a wide-angle lens (16-35mm). Composition rules of symmetry, architectural large depth of field and point of view were applied to all shots. For the sake of consistency, the same framing (street lights or cameras) was used.
In post-production, the same black and white preset was applied to all, so that qualities like shadow, light, texture, and pattern could help better reveal the sto

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