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🙋🏼‍♀️WHO: Alexandra Zografou, Greek-born Madrid-based digital project manager specializing in online product design and development; coordinator of the Master's in Visual and Digital Media (MVDM) Mentor Program and guest lecturer at IE University; member of the UWC International Council. Experienced in the development of digital products and programs in the fields of social innovation, education, and arts & humanities for world-renowned universities and European NGOs.
🎓Graduated from IE Business School (cum laude) and The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (first-class honors); certified translator by the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL).

💼WHAT: Combining science, data, design, and technology with the blessing of working across countries and timezones, I develop (online) products, programs, and experiences that help enhance collective intelligence and, ultimately, mobilize people towards a common goal. I am committed to using these resources for social good and to expanding the ways knowledge and research outputs are shared, helping scale their impact and shape best practices and future industry trends. My main areas of expertise include digital research and dissemination, product design and development, product lifecycle management, creative project management, program design, training and facilitation, and (online) engagement.

🪢WHY: To connect people, create impactful experiences, and share knowledge in order to pursue great ideas, spark dialog, and bring about change. 

📍WHERE: Europe 🇪🇺 (and beyond)


🎯HOW: By applying innovation frameworks, human-centered design, design thinking, digital research practices, and agile methodologies.


🏢INDUSTRIES: Humanities and education management (EU-funded projects), and social innovation (NGOs and projects promoting the UN SDGs).


📚RESEARCH INTERESTS: Mentoring, digital humanities, and visual grammar in design – among others.


💙Online volunteer donating time and virtual support to projects dedicated to bringing about a positive change into the local and international community.


📸 Amateur photographer building her portfolio little by little.

Disclaimer: All images used on this website have been found in the public domain, Pexels, or Adobe Stock.  

Proud member of:

global youth mental health awareness
makesense madrid hotspot

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Alexandra has been collaborating with me for the past months on our youth work projects funded by the Erasmus Plus programme. She’s been super helpful and dedicated in the management of our projects and our backend tasks – drafting research documents, developing our community management strategy as well as planning our various community engagements activities. Professional, flexible and dedicated, I think she’s a versatile project manager who handles her work with high quality and attention. 

— Gilles Evrard Essuman, Founder of Association RESOPA